Enjoy the best selections of cannabis chocolate Bars and other edibles that come in a variety of forms such as weed gummies, CBD edibles, cannabis drinks, and more! Our THC chocolates are made from only the highest quality cannabis strains and concentrates. Perfectly discreet and easy for on-the-go medication. Patients who enjoy our chocolates also enjoy our vapes for the same convenient reasons. Others find that pairing chocolates with our Topicals and Tinctures work for more serious ailments.

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psychedelicshaven.com cannabis-infused chocolate bars are hand-crafted, delicious and effective! We use only the finest ingredients and techniques taught to us by a local third-generation confectioner. Our 90-gram marijuana-infused chocolate bars are available in both milk and dark chocolate and in 100mg and 500mg per bar servings. Each bar consists of ten easily broken-off segments, perfect for sharing or pacing! Minimally packaged in compostable materials at an affordable price – our cannabis-infused chocolate bars are designed to make you feel good!

You Are Once Again Welcome to the chocolate factory of your dreams, where every bite is a blissful journey. Our Chocolates collection is a wonderland of cannabis-infused delicacies, crafted by top brands like Kiva, Garden Society, and Terra. These marijuana chocolate edibles are the perfect blend of sweet indulgence and soothing relaxation.

Don’t forget to explore our Full Gram Cartridges Collection for a quick escape or the Concentrates Collection for a more intense experience. And yes, we deliver this sweetness right to your doorstep.

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